For nearly twenty years I have turned my camera towards life-affirming moments. I have had the privilege of telling people’s stories so that decades from now what once was will be again, through the power of photography.
We don’t have a time machine (if you want a hint on how to say my last name just say timemachine really fast) to return to when we were four and fascinated by a bay at the end of a winter day. We can’t return to the day when we kissed our best friend and at the end they became your spouse. What I love about photography is its ability to return us to that moment. In that photo the foot is always almost just touching the water, your child is still sleeping in your arms without a care in the world. For in a photo, time has stopped.
Your wedding, your mitzvah, your family portraits are not just jobs to me – they are your lives. And I live to tell their story.
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